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Oakville Ranch Vineyard is located on the eastern hills of Napa Valley. Sitting on a sublime plateau at elevations ranging from 800-1400 feet above sea level (250-425 m), these red soils are visually distinct, volcanic in origin and moderately well drained. We have been making wines from this phenomenal terroir for over a decade. Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc are co-fermented to achieve the structure of claret, bright red fruit, with the elegant power of Oakville we look for in our wines. Aromatically explosive, layers of dark cherry, mandarin peel, and enticing floral notes keep us infatuated with this special place in Napa Valley. California Certified Organic Farming.

estate cabernet sauvignon | st. helena

Gallica is located on our family property in St. Helena. The deep and low fertility Cortina soils are renowned for exceptional quality red wines. Planted in 1990, these fully mature Cabernet Sauvignon vines produce wines which are elegant and harken back to the structure of Napa Valley red wines notable decades ago. So little is made, we reserve these few barrels for local auctions, and in coveted vintages, for our mailing list customers. California Certified Organic Farming.

cabernet franc | red wine | oakville

Often overshadowed by its offspring, Cabernet Franc is beguiling. Always finicky, it favors and excels on well drained soils composed of rock and moderate clay which is exactly what this majestic Oakville Ranch Vineyard site offers. Planted on a gentle contour with southern exposure, the resulting wines are adorned with floral notes, a tension between savory, delicacy, and physicality which makes this coveted variety delicious and compelling.  California Certified Organic Farming.

estate petite sirah | st. Helena

From Gallica’s small estate planting of handsomely old vines, Petite Sirah ripens early on our Cortina well-drained soils. Petite is a misnomer for these muscular and confounding wines. Tannins are thick yet svelte with loads of aging potential. Desert sage, black licorice, peat, and plum skin fill the glass. Always the first red fruit harvested each season, we seek a balanced and elegant bottling.   It is a rare opportunity to farm and lavish attention on vines over sixty years in age. Limited to what these vines produce, Petite Sirah is offered to our mailing list exclusively. California Certified Organic Farming.



grenache | rossi ranch | sonoma valley

Our one hundred percent Grenache is sourced from Rossi Ranch in the heart of Sonoma Valley. Owned by Sandy Otellini and farmed by Phil Coturri, the fine clay loam soils are perfect for growing this wondrously aromatic red grape. Laced with wild strawberry but also nuanced with wooly thyme and wet stone. Burgundian in character and winemaking, fermentation occurs in open top tanks with just enough stems to perfect elegant tannins. The soft ruby color is deceptive, there is grip and amplitude to these wines that grabs our attention. California Certified Organic Farming.

grenache | steel plow | sonoma valley

A charming valley floor site in Kenwood, Sonoma Valley, Steel Plow Vineyard is another expertly farmed planting by Phil Coturri and his team. Soils are composed of eroded igneous volcanic rock and clay that have tumbled down from Mayacamas Mountains. Planted solely to Rhone varieties, our rendition of Steel Plow is primarily Grenache with a small contribution of both Mourvèdre and Syrah Noir. Denser than Rossi Ranch, there is a tension between sweet and savory-come hither notes of strawberry, hard candy, brown apple skin and even road tar.  California Certified Organic Farming.


The epitome of summer, Gallica’s only white wine is sourced from Rorick Heritage Vineyard. Located in the Sierra foothills at 2000 feet above sea level, this vineyard is home to rare limestone rich soils. The combination of elevation, soil, and limited water, result in crisp and aromatic wines. Zippy yet complex with the delicacy of white peach, jasmine, beeswax, and brioche, our bottling is primarily Albariño with a small addition of Muscat Blanc. Allowing the pressed fruit to rest on its own skins prior to barrel fermentation, allows for the phenolic texture we have come to enjoy. Farmed by vintner Matthew Rorick, this delightful wine is a perfect companion to our otherwise red portfolio. California Certified Organic Farming.

Rosemary Cakebread’s Gallica brings together incredible precision of style with the flavours and character of the Oakville bench. She manages a fine-tuned delicacy, as if every detail has been attended to, while still allowing the character of the fruit to shine on a structure to age.
— Elaine Chukan Brown | September 7, 2016